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Evie is lost in the forest! Help guide her out by solving puzzles!


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Hey Elwa,

your artstyle is gorgeous! Is there a way to download this game? Unfortunately I seem to have missed it during last years contest...

Hey, I've only been playing a few minutes but I love the audio and visual styles, really stood out when browing the games from the jam.

I've found a minor text bug quite early.  If you try to walk off screen to the right when the car is broken down it says "What did I tell you about being out of my site" which should read "..out of my sight" Just a minor and very very picky thing from my side.  I'll be sure to rate once I've played a bit more


Hey Parcival,  Thanks for the kind words! Yes, you are correct on that typo, it was an oversite....err I mean oversight on my end. Thanks again for looking out and for playing! Cheers!

Really short, but I do like where this is going! Just one thing, I did come across a game breaking bug in the room with the switches that moved the moons and stars and such. I think it happens when you interact with the switches from the sides. Also would have appreciated more saves in between. Otherwise pretty damn good!

Thanks for the Feedback! You're the first person that I know of that beat the game. Again thanks for the kind words. Cheers!

There doesn't seem to be any file to install and play the game, for some reason o.o

Thank you for your interest in playing the game, you can click the download button above or try this link:


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That's where I went to grab it the first time. Unfortunately, nothing is listed from the dropdown menu.

And trying to download the game from a web-browser just shows the "Thank you for downloading" message without actually providing any download. I've downloaded at least two dozen games for this IGMC2018 and only two entries have had this issue for me so far. :(

I see, that's strange. Thanks for letting me know, meanwhile here's another link: 


Thanks again!