A downloadable game

The Story of Elwa is about a 16 year old girl from the small village of Ravi, a village hidden in the mountains outside of the Everse Kingdom. While disobeying her father’s request to not wander outside of the village, she was captured by Guardsmen of King Akunos. As she was escorted to the holding cell, she learns of an entirely new world beyond her home. And, that world, as she will come to understand, is filled with despair and hopelessness. Elwa will have to dig up her courage to save the lost souls of Everse or all would be lost.

In this action/ adventure game, players will set forth on a series of espionage through the Everse Castle dungeons. While navigating Elwa, you must avoid traps, get through obstacles, and solve puzzles. The story will unravel as to what the Dark Citrine crystal’s purpose is and how you will relieve it of its power and save the kingdom from expanding its dark shadow across the lands.